Faux Mink & Silk Mink

When buying your eyelash extensions, you have the option of real mink lashes, faux mink lashes or silk lashes. Faux mink and silk mink are designed from high-quality earth-friendly and vegan-friendly synthetic products.

Considering the costs, real mink lash options are the most expensive. Synthetic lashes are typically more affordable but will come in various quality levels. Don't forget what mama told you - you do get what you pay for! The higher the quality the higher the price. While your budget detects how much you can afford, it's usually not a good idea to get the cheapest one you can find.

We offer both Faux Mink and Silk Lashes and here is a little more about the differences:

Mink lashes: The Embrace Lashes 3D faux mink luxury lashes are handcrafted to perfection with poly-fibers. Our collections offer different premium styles that range from a very soft natural look to a bold full dramatic look. Pick a style you like and be ready to Embrace your new look! The curl pattern on these lashes is permanent so you can expect the same lavish look after multiple wears. The lashes are crafted to simulate real mink fur, but absolutely no animals were harmed in the creation of our lashes. These stunning lashes are low maintenance, no need to curl or add mascara these are long wearing lashes (up to 25 uses with proper care).

Silk lashes: The Embrace Lashes 3D silk luxury lashes are also handcrafted and are finer and more natural looking than the traditional faux mink eyelashes. to add volume to your lashes while looking natural, we recommend finding the right style, length, and pattern that fits your unique eye type, super light-weight and offer great flexibility. These are great for someone who may have very few natural lashes. The curl pattern of these lashes holds very well. These natural lashes are low maintenance and are usually recommended to be used for special occasions.

For anyone who wants to get the glamorous look of long, lush eyelashes and maybe take what mother nature has given you up a notch, eyelash extensions are a great way to go. Whether you do it yourself or go to a salon and get it done, you can really make your eyes stand out!

Check out our latest 3D Mink and 3D Silk Lashes. 


Mink lashes are the best.

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