Applying strip eyelashes

Congratulations on your new pair of strip eyelashes!

Now it's time to get the tea on how to apply those new lashes. While the internet has no shortage of tutorials with plenty of tips and tricks to help with your self-application - we'll save you time with our expert MUA approved cheat sheet on how to apply your new lashes. See our steps below

How to Apply Your Embrace Lashes:

1. Carefully remove the strip lashes from the lash tray and packaging. 

2. Gently flex the lash band to make the strip lash easier to apply.

3. Before applying glue, place the lash along your natural lash line to measure.

4. Trim lash strip as needed to fit the eye.

*Tip* Lash strip should be a little shorter than the length of your eye. This prevents the lash from poking the inner corner of your eye.

5. Trim the band from the outside edge if necessary.

6. Apply a thin line of adhesive along the base of the lash band and wait 20-30 seconds for the glue to set or get tacky.

7. If available, looking down into a hand mirror, place the lash as close as possible to your natural lash line and hold for 10 - 15 seconds for the adhesive to hold. You may use tweezers or a lash applicator to adjust the lash strip if needed.

Be patient with this process as it can get frustrating but if you allow yourself plenty of time to apply your new lashes you will be a pro before you know it.

Some lash styles may have different application instructions, so always carefully read and follow the application instructions and you'll be glam ready in no time.



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