Effortless Eyeliner

$14.99 $25

Meet the Effortless Eyeliner Eyelash Glue!

  • Are you tired of the messy eyelash glue that makes you dread putting on lashes? We have the solution to help with the hassle of applying your eyelashes.
  • A super convenient eyeliner gel pen that easily applies your lash glue right on your lash line and holds your lashes in place - Yassss please!!!
  • We do love that it is light-weight, super flexible, sharp tip for the perfect line and are comfortable to wear. We see you!
  • Embrace lashes are designed for the glam girl on the go that loves the easy to apply lashes. 
  • We are certain you will love this eyeliner adhesive and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Leave basic out of your life it doesn't look good on you!

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